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Kaimana Coatings specializes in providing durable waterproofing solutions for new construction projects as well as existing structures. Whether it's below grade, below the slab, or in other demanding applications, we offer reliable installations that ensure long-lasting protection.

Our team utilizes high-performance materials to waterproof various elements, ranging from foundation walls to slabs-on-grade, elevator pits, and sumps. It is essential to consider installing a waterproof coating on below-ground surfaces such as decks or basements to safeguard against water infiltration and potential deterioration.

If you're a commercial contractor overseeing multiple buildings, we are your trusted partner for all your waterproofing requirements, offering competitive prices that align with your budget.

For residential projects aimed at creating your dream property, our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting and installing the ideal waterproofing solution that will provide you with years of reliable protection.


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